rig of the month


Sheldon Bright's Project13

The power of Satan compels you to check out Sheldon's Rig of the Month


Ken Kirby's Super Bee

Ken Kirby celebrates his father-in-law's love of Dodge muscle cars with his bright green Super Bee mod.


Daniel Klus' Jan Henryk Dabrowski's Castle

Daniel Klus melds the best of the new school with the best of the old school with rig built inside a castle.


Rig of the Month: Chris Cook's Phase III

Chris Cook's shiny, glowing, handmade test bench makes us happy. Being Rig of the Month makes Chris happy. Everyone wins!


Gary Willett's Animatronic Mod

It's a scary monkey/alien head! It's Gary Willett's Animatronic Mod!

Jason Dumbaugh's Spider-Man/Venom Mod

A multitude of spiders and plenty of webbing top off a killer paint job.