Scythe Ninja Plus

The Scythe Ninja Plus is a huge-ass cooler, but it’s surprisingly light. Hugeness usually equals goodness when it comes to heatsinks—more surface area means more cooling power, which the Ninja delivers.

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Logitech Wireless Music System for iPod

Logitech's Wireless Music System for iPod will turn any MP3 player into a wireless music-streaming device, and it sounds fantastic.

Kensington Entertainment Dock 500

Kensington's Entertainment Dock 500 allows you to use the iPod from anywhere you want do, despite the fact that the screen on the iPod is all you'll have to use.

Musketeer III Tube Pre-Amp

One geek's must-have gadget is another geek's over-the-top gimmick.


Western Digital Caviar SE 16 500GB

This month, WD joins the 500GB party with its Caviar SE 16 drive. Because the 400GB model is already our favorite 7,200rpm drive, we expected big things from its four-platter successor—and we were mostly satisfied.

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Akasa AK-873 AMD Cooler

The AMD-only AK-873 is small enough to fit comfortably in your palm, but its large copper base plate (zinc-coated to ward off corrosion) makes it surprisingly heavy. Two plump 8mm heat pipes carry the heat from the base plate to the upper area of the aluminum heatsink.

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Imagenomic Noiseware Pro

Performance computing certainly matters when it comes to editing high-res digital images. Second perhaps to digital RAW conversion in time-suckiness is the job of noise removal.