New Year in Spyware

Sears adds surreptitious tracking software to its catalogue

Netflix Prize Anonymous Dataset Broken

Two computer scientists have found a way to associate some anonymized Netflix users with individual identities, showing just how fragile our data privacy is.

Amazon Rebuffs A Subpoena

When a federal prosecutor tries to subpoena the book-purchasing records of thousands of customers, Amazon stands up for its customers' First Amendment Rights

Facebook Ads Put You in the Spotlight

The social network's new "social ads," which create the appearance of user endorsement, could run afoul of state law.

Part of Patriot Act Struck Down

The Patriot Act can't redefine permissible warrantless foreign intelligence surveillance, holds one Oregon Court.

Data Security Sunday

Job-seekers and retirees get their personal information compromised, reminding us all of the importance of data security breach notification laws.

Google's Everlasting Cookies

Google has announced that its cookies will now expire after two years of google-inactivity. It sounds nice, but the privacy impact is negligible.

FWD: The Fourth Amendment and Your Email

The government can't snoop in your email without probable cause (at least in Ohio) (at least for now).

Does Google's Street View Encroach on Personal Privacy Rights?

Google adds street-level images to its map site, but some people are concerned about the company peeking into their windows