Corsair Survivor 32GB

Corsair's indestructible flash drive gets big--but is it speedy enough for your secret missions?

OCZ Goes on Hyper(sonic) Shopping Spree!

OCZ buys Hypersonic PC, internet tax moratorium one step closer to ratification, anti-groping cell phone software, and what could be cooler than a USB humping dog?

Daily News Brief: Italian Bloggers Shushed

Italy looks to tax bloggers, perplexing iPhone sales numbers, AMD tri-core details emerge, a Seagate settlement, and several more companies make today's headlines!

OCZ Goes Public with SPD-Z Utility

OCZ's new utility lets you reprogram your RAM's SPD settings, leaving Paul Lilly to wonder 'Why?'

OCZ Rally 2 4GB

Aluminum casing and huge capacity allow the OCZ disk to transfer and store data quickly, efficiently, and maybe a bit sexily.


OCZ Tempest

This month, memory-maker OCZ wades into the hotly contested CPU cooling arena with its blingy Tempest cooler. Though the Tempest has the signature OCZ flair, we were let down by its midrange performance and loud operation.

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