May 2007 - Copy All Your Music + Movies

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Ableton Live 6

You can do so much with Live 6, it’s hard to know exactly where to begin describing this masterful software sequencer. So we’ll start at the top. With just a few clicks of an in-application help system, we were up and running with the program’s Operator add-on, creating notes and beats that sound as though they were pulled straight from a Keith Schofield music video. Awesome.

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Lala Revisited

CD-trading site just keeps getting better. Now they've introduced a very cool--and free--music-sharing service.

Taking it Outside

New wireless speakers from Soundcast enable you to stream music indoors and out.

ITunes Alternatives

There’s more out there than iTunes. Here's a look at a few options that offer features that Apple's music store does not.

Early Hands-on Look at the Sansa Connect

This Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 player is (almost) everything the Zune should have been.


Etymotic ER-6 Isolator

The relentless snare drum crack on “Jack of Speed” was enough to make some of the lesser earbuds beg for mercy, but the Etymotic ER-6 Isolators delivered it nearly perfectly. More importantly, they served up Beck’s bass with equal authority.

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ExtremeMac FS1

It’s been our experience that you get what you pay for, more often than not. The ExtremeMac FS1 earbuds, however, fall into the “not” territory. The $150 for-sale sign hanging on these little buggers easily qualifies them as the most expensive earphones of the group, but they certainly didn’t sound like it.

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