Taking it Outside

New wireless speakers from Soundcast enable you to stream music indoors and out.

ITunes Alternatives

There’s more out there than iTunes. Here's a look at a few options that offer features that Apple's music store does not.

Early Hands-on Look at the Sansa Connect

This Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 player is (almost) everything the Zune should have been.


Etymotic ER-6 Isolator

The relentless snare drum crack on “Jack of Speed” was enough to make some of the lesser earbuds beg for mercy, but the Etymotic ER-6 Isolators delivered it nearly perfectly. More importantly, they served up Beck’s bass with equal authority.

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ExtremeMac FS1

It’s been our experience that you get what you pay for, more often than not. The ExtremeMac FS1 earbuds, however, fall into the “not” territory. The $150 for-sale sign hanging on these little buggers easily qualifies them as the most expensive earphones of the group, but they certainly didn’t sound like it.

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Sonos Digital Music System: ZP-80 Bundle

ALERT: Your days of having to stream music through your PC are over! Sonos now delivers the ability to stream straight from Rhapsody!

Dreamgear i.Sound Max

Dreamgear obviously knows that speakers are the single most lucrative segment of iPod add-on products: The company offers eight models, including the i.Sound Max.