Daily News Brief: Facebook Learns New Language

Facebook speaks Spanish and will soon learn German and French, see what the RIAA has to say about content filters on home PCs, Intel ships new memory prototype, and more!

Legit and Illegitimate Streaming Music offers free streaming full-length songs on demand with the studios' blessing, while Seeqpod the music search engine gets sued.

Daily News Brief: Roadmap Shows Quad-Core Notebooks in Q3

Roadmap reveals quad-core notebook timeline, Sony joins Amazon's DRM-free MP3 lineup, online video booming, a new QuickTime exploit exposed, and more!

Daily News Brief: McDonald's Blames Obesity on Video Games

McDonald's points at computer games as culprit for childhood obesity, TigerDirect taking over CompUSA moniker, FCC to investigate Comcast, and more!

Daily News Brief: One Billion MP3s Up for Grabs!

Amazon and Pepsi partner up to give away one billion MP3s, Microsoft and Mozilla fire shots at each other, who's logging your IRC chats, and more!


May 2007 - Copy All Your Music + Movies

The complete PDF archive of the May 2007 edition of Maximum PC, every article included, every page posted! Download it now!


Ableton Live 6

You can do so much with Live 6, it’s hard to know exactly where to begin describing this masterful software sequencer. So we’ll start at the top. With just a few clicks of an in-application help system, we were up and running with the program’s Operator add-on, creating notes and beats that sound as though they were pulled straight from a Keith Schofield music video. Awesome.

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Lala Revisited

CD-trading site just keeps getting better. Now they've introduced a very cool--and free--music-sharing service.