Daily News Brief: Judge Tells RIAA to Hush

Florida judge denies RIAA's motion to dismiss counterclaims, home theater electronics may be on the rise, Qtrax secures free music downloads deal, and more!


IntelliScanner Mini

It’s estimated that two percent of the population suffers from OCD;
IntelliScanner’s business model seems predicated on being able to
capture but a small fraction of this fraction of the populace, for only
the most compulsive of collectors—like me—will find a use for this
product. However, if you are an obsessive collector of media—and you
have a reasonable amount of disposable income—the IntelliScanner Mini
might very well become a lifelong companion.

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Daily News Brief: MySpace Unveils Music Service

MySpace gears up to take on iTunes, Firefox making market-share gains, Windows XP gets life support, and much more!

Daily News Brief: Judge Sends Mixed Messages to RIAA

Copyright infringement case charges onward, QuickTime receives 11 patches, Vista bloggers bids adieu, and more!

Daily News Brief: Meet the World's Priciest Blu-ray Player!

Goldmund releases $17K Blu-ray player, VMware vulnerabililty puts host system at risk, iTunes surpasses Best Buy in music sales, and much more!

Daily News Brief: Modern Day Missile Command

Navy gunners prep to shoot down falling satellite, Sprint may spark mobile price war, American Idol headed to iTunes, and much more!