MP3 Player

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock Zen

Batteries or AC. Video-out or stereo line-in. We like options. And so we like the Cambridge Soundworks PlayDock Zen.  

Early Hands-on Look at the Sansa Connect

This Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 player is (almost) everything the Zune should have been.

Trading CDs on

This online service offers a great way to get rid of the CDs you don't want and to buy the CDs you do want for cheap.


TrekStor Vibez 8GB MP3 Player

TrekStor’s Vibez media player has several innovative features we really dig; unfortunately, these innovations are undone by a few less desirable traits.

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Belkin's TuneDok Automobile iPod Holder

This handy gadget helps you drive safely while listening to your MP3 player in your car.

Automatic MP3 identification that actually works

Your MP3s have inconsistent and frequently wrong ID3 tags. This handy app will automagically detect and repair bad tags