Heavy Metal Modding

Yes, you can remove that legacy floppy, but what do you do with the resulting hole? Mnpctech may have your unique solution.

Micro Batching Bondo

Polyester resins like Bondo are a modder’s best friend. Unfortunately, they are also designed to be mixed in large batches. This little tip will have you mixing 2 ounces at a time --just enough, not too much.

Mod Lit

There's a wealth of modding information out there from people who actually wrote the book. Literally.

Rigor-ous Modding

The Manta changes some of his personal rules when he sees a water cooling system built into a SFF custom case.

The Rising King

The Manta sits down with the co-founder of Kikboxes Computer Craft for a bit of one on one chat. Is Stu King Heir to a new modding throne?

I'm Going Soft in the Head

Blow holes and UV reactive paint are nice and all, but modding doesn’t always require a hole saw or screwdriver.

Casting Your Own Parts: Part Two, Reconstructing Joe

Chris revisits the Joe Turtle molding and casting project. Plaster anyone?