What We Should Learn from "Bad Tech August"

Every PC and Internet user should be glad that August 2007 is now history: here's why, what we've learned (and have yet to learn) about what went wrong and how to fix it.


Apple hogs the headlines, Microsoft extends hand to Linux, rumors of a Zune based phone heat up, and much more!


Where Are the 'Missing' Microsoft Users in Iowa?

If you're an Iowa-based Microsoft user, time is running out to stake your claim to a $179 million settlement.

Ads in Games, is it just the Beginning?

NetZero's living proof that users aren't willing to trade ads for free internet, so what makes Microsoft thinks we'll do it for MS Works?

Windows Vista, Now with SP1

Early adopters of Windows Vista may soon get to be early adopters of the OS's first Service Pack, with a BETA release planned for this week.


No BS Podcast #22 - The Summertime Fun Edition

The Maximum PC staff goes to Showdown LAN and lives to tell the tale!


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More than Surface Appeal

Reach out and touch some data with Microsoft Surface -- the newest in multi-touch computing!

Get Your Windows Service Pack Road Map Here

Find out how long you have until your next Windows service pack... or how much time you have left.