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The ESRB's New Rating: FU

Manhunt II? Dark Sector? What's next on the games-to-be-censored list?


No BS Podcast #22 - The Summertime Fun Edition

The Maximum PC staff goes to Showdown LAN and lives to tell the tale!


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Trying to Avoid WoW... and Failing

Trying to avoid World of Warcraft is next to impossible nowadays. This is the tale of one poor, Maximum PC editor's complete destruction.

Games for Windows is a Total Port of Xbox Live

And lord knows, Dave Murphy is getting sick of these BS, unoriginal experiences. Aren't you?


No BS Podcast #20 - The Beer & Burritos Edition

The Maximum PC Staff gets hopped up on giant burritos and cheap beers and bring you the latest tech news.


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Diablo III? So Soon?

If it's convention time, then the Diablo III gossip has already begun. Here's what it would take for Blizzard to *not* sink its killer franchise.


PixRecovery 1.0

You should have known it was a bad static-electricity day when balloons stuck to your clothes and your socks clung together as if they were made of Velcro. But you decided to pull the memory card out of your digital camera anyway, didn’t you?

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Nuke Second Life from its Virtual Orbit

If you're in a virtual world, and you don't have a sword at the ready, Dave Murphy thinks you are wasting your life and your time.