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Car != Computer, and I'll take the latter!

Dave Murphy learns real quick that mad computer skills are in no way correlated with mad car-fixing skills.

Breaking and entering with your... Wi-Fi card?

We all should move to Sparta, Michigan, where the only apparent crime is unauthorized Wi-Fi access at coffee shops.

Enough. Social. Networks. Good God.

Get your keyboards ready! You could be Thomas Kinkade-style net friends with Dave Murphy!


On Verdict Scales

A publication's verdict scale has a huge impact on it (more than it probably should). What's the best type of verdict scale to rate computer hardware?

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock Zen

Batteries or AC. Video-out or stereo line-in. We like options. And so we like the Cambridge Soundworks PlayDock Zen.  


No BS Podcast #16

On the podcast this week, we discuss whether the Zune is Microsoft's worst idea ever, speaker options for your computer, and what's new in home automation


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Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 7000

The problem with having a PC in your living room is simple. It’s the mouse. Mousing on the couch is a royal pain in the ass.

Resting your mouse hand on your leg, on a couch arm, or on one of your couch buddies just doesn’t work. That’s why we were excited to see that Microsoft’s new living-room keyboards ship with an integrated mousing surface. We just didn’t understand why the company also included a wireless mouse.

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Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub

When we heard about Belkin’s Cable-Free USB Hub, our first thought was, “Yes! Now we can move our iPod A/V dock next to our TV in the living room and still sync the player with iTunes on our PC in the den.” Ha! This device’s range is so poor it barely reaches across the room.

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TBI Audio Systems Majestic Diamond I Speakers

We love little speakers that deliver big sound--especially the new Majestic Diamond I from TBI Audio Systems