Data Security Sunday

Job-seekers and retirees get their personal information compromised, reminding us all of the importance of data security breach notification laws.

The Legality of Open Wi-Fi

A UK man is arrested for connecting to an unsecured wifi network - but the law in the US is considerably less clear.

RIAA Defendant Threatens the Empire

An RIAA defendant challenges the grounds on which the RIAA's P2P-lawsuit campaign is premised: does "making available" equal distributing?

Getting Sued for Keyword Advertising

Can selling advertising targeted at search terms be trademark infringement? Well, no, but that won't stop American Airlines from trying.

De-Anonymizing Wikipedia

A website identifies anonymous wikipedia edits with the IP addresses they originate from. Who's massaging their own entries? Just about everyone.

Private Censorship on the Net

An incident of content censorship by AT&T raises hackles among Net Neutrality partisans. Should we worry that private actors can constrain speech so easily?

Violent Video Games for Kids

Another law prohibiting the sale of violent games to minors bites the dust. Viva la Grand Theft Auto!

FISA Taken Out Behind Shed, Shot

Say hello to the shambling corpse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Zombies are still cool, right?


No BS Podcast #29—The "What Day Is It?" Edition

No, it's not Friday's a special Tuesday edition of the podcast. Different day, same tech news you love.


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Bloggers Are Journalists, Too

Or at least they will be, federally, if a new reporter shield law has its way.