Part of Patriot Act Struck Down

The Patriot Act can't redefine permissible warrantless foreign intelligence surveillance, holds one Oregon Court.

A La Carte Cable

A plucky band of cable consumers tries to sue their way to not having to pay for stuff they don't want. How will this affect your cable bill? Stay tuned.

The GPL Goes To Court

The first ever lawsuit alleging copyright infringement for a violation of the GPL was initiated today. Will courts enforce the GPL? Stay tuned.

Premier Pretends to Patent Playlists

A company has filed suit against a number of media and hardware producers alleging that they infringed its patent in the idea of putting music in a playlist. Really!

TV Receiver Hacking Isn't Commercial Piracy

DirecTV can't use federal satellite piracy law to stop research that involves hacking their receivers' access cards.

DoJ Pooh-Poohs Net Neutrality Regulations

The DoJ Antitrust Division doesn't think net neutrality will help consumers, because we all know how competitive the telcom market is.

Free as in Speech Week

The First Amendment makes a cameo appearance in both copyright and national security / surveillance law this week.

Copyright Infringement Goes Meta

Viacom sends a DMCA takedown to a YouTube user for pirating material Viacom had pirated from him first. Infringement is a two-way street.

MPAA Looses The Hounds

The latest technology in the MPAA's war on movie pirates has a cold, wet nose.