July 2013


Stinky Footboard Review

At least it’s not called the Cyber Athlete’s Foot.

Let your foot give you a hand

The premise of the Stinky Footboard is simple: Sometimes two hands and 10 fingers aren’t enough. And in games that require you to press more keys than a world-class pianist, your foot can come in handy.

That’s the idea behind Stinky’s deadly simple Footboard. The USB device is akin to a four-way, foot-operated D-pad. We had concerns about the durability of the Footboard, but cracking open our review model revealed the D-pad balanced on a heavy-duty ball-bearing and a metal bar running across the length of it. The switches themselves are Cherry MX blue. The unit connects to the USB cable via a standard Micro-USB port, so you can swap cables if need be.

Note: This review was originally featured in the July 2013 issue of the magazine.