News in Porn Law

The Sixth Circuit invalidates a law imposing strict record-keeping requirements on pornographers. Smut peddlers rejoice.

1-Click Shopping For All

After a blogger files for reexamination, Amazon's One-Click patent is invalidated by the PTO.

DoJ Pooh-Poohs Net Neutrality Regulations

The DoJ Antitrust Division doesn't think net neutrality will help consumers, because we all know how competitive the telcom market is.

The Final Word

New online service offers a chance for redemtion from beyond the grave. Or simply talk some smack after you've kicked the bucket.

How to Become An Internet Tycoon

With this new technology from Meraki Networks, you can become a small-scale ISP.


Sony LocationFree TV LF-B20

The LocationFree TV LF-B20 offers a number of improvements over Sony’s earlier video-streaming effort. A few of the new model’s features are superior to the Slingbox Pro’s, but this product is no match for Sling Media’s latest release.

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Sling Media Slingbox Pro

The original Slingbox was housed in a goofy ingot-shaped box. The Slingbox Pro is only slightly more attractive, but it’s eminently more capable. Unfortunately, you’ll need to spend one-third more than its $250 base price to enable some of its cooler features.

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The Worst-Case Scenario

Living without broadband is like sitting through a lecture with a hangover. Bad news for everybody.