Hard Drive


Western Digital WD2500BEVS Scorpio

Western Digital has pulled off a significant coup with its 250GB Scorpio notebook hard drive; the device is the current capacity champion. (Fujitsu has also announced a 250GB drive but has not shipped it yet.) Packing 250GB into two platters, the areal density of the Scorpio easily outstrips that of the other hard drive reviewed here—Seagate’s two-platter 160GB Momentus drive.

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Hitachi Debuts Energy-Friendly Drive

The power-saving P7K500 is Hitachi's first hard drive that has energy savings on the brain... and/or buffer.

Tree Hugging Hard Drives!

It may not be solar powered, but Western Digital's new environmentally friendly hard drives could save you power, and money!

What Might Go In My Next PC Toolkit

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