Supreme Commander

The decade-old game Total Annihilation gives birth to Supreme Commander--and it promises to captivate even the least-savvy strategy game players.

Sam & Max

From "inconvenience" stores to an American Idol parody, adventure gaming is revamped with the return of Sam & Max


Your gaming press-pass

Norman Chan straps on his railgun and gets the inside scoop from a recent Sierra Games press event!

Fragging for Fun and Profit, scheduled to launch later this month, will allow gamers to deathmatch for cash.


Real-Time Strategy is for Dummies?

Why the simplicity of Command and Conquer 3 has Norm distraught over the future of RTS games.


Meet the Game Boy

PC Gamer magazine’s Norm the Intern introduces himself as Maximum PC’s new resident game blogger. Origin story inside!

Showdown Registration is LIVE!

Registration for the second annual Showdown LAN parties--in San Jose, CA and Indianapolis, IN is live now! Register here