Maximum PC Goes to Comic-Con

The Maximum PC staff traveled to Comic-Con in San Diego to meet readers and teach people how to kick ass at games

Game Theory: The Road to Somewhere

Feeling bummed about your never-ending MMO? Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

China Pwns Teenage Gamers

New rules force Chinese internet gaming companies to tell their underaged users to get up off the couch already. The regulations do not, however, address showering or drinking caseloads of Mountain Dew.

Commodore's Comeback

Can a 25-year-old tech brand be resurrected? The Dutch have faith.


10 ways the Shadowrun experience could be improved. FASA, are you listening?


Dear lord that’s a lot of snow

The first real DX10 game has arrived! Sorta. Glistening screenshots and benchmarks inside!


Supreme Commander

The decade-old game Total Annihilation gives birth to Supreme Commander--and it promises to captivate even the least-savvy strategy game players.

Sam & Max

From "inconvenience" stores to an American Idol parody, adventure gaming is revamped with the return of Sam & Max


Your gaming press-pass

Norman Chan straps on his railgun and gets the inside scoop from a recent Sierra Games press event!