Medal of Honor: Airborne

Dear Mom and Dad,

I signed on with the 82nd Airborne because it promised that its new approach to fighting the war would be the best way to serve my country in this terrible crisis. It’s been a tough three years over here in Europe, but the Airborne has proved that it can take the good fight for freedom to new heights. Over the last six operations in my tour, I’ve really done my part to stop Jerry!

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Daily News Brief: Black Friday Deals!

Be prepared for Black Friday, read why video games don't lead to violence, see what Macrovision's been up to, and much more to feast on!


Lost Planet

If you’ve ever had that dream where all the awesome things you love are in one place, but everything is a little hazy and it all ends too soon when you wake up, you’ll have a good idea what playing Lost Planet is like. This ported Xbox 360 game is packed to the brim with enough giant insects, killer worms, armored mechs, and glorious explosions to enthrall any science-fiction geek. Its only major shortcoming is that all of this awesomeness is crammed into a package that’s all too brief—we completed the fantastic single-player campaign in just over six hours.

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UFO: Extraterrestrials Review

Thirteen years ago, a little game called X-COM: UFO Defense debuted, pitting players against alien invaders and charging them with creating a network of bases around the globe, shooting down UFOs, capturing and researching alien technology, and then using it against the aliens in turn-based tactical squad combat. That’s the formula UFO: Extraterrestrials follows almost to the letter, falling just short of being a direct remake of X-COM.

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Violent Video Games for Kids

Another law prohibiting the sale of violent games to minors bites the dust. Viva la Grand Theft Auto!


Infernal is a game more enthralling than a bat out of hell.