Daily News Brief: Microsoft Offers $44.6 BILLION for Yahoo

Microsoft sends buyout offer (again) to Yahoo, Madden NFL '08 makes Super Bowl prediction, FDA study finds iPods don't pose risk to pacemakers, Vista tips, and much more!


Daily News Brief: Linux Looks at Going Green

Torvalds discusses power management, Dell closes all kiosks, PSP firmware adds Skype functionality, talk to your console controller, and much more!


Quake Wars: Enemy Territory

When we think of Quake games, we think of fast-paced deathmatches in
their purest no-nonsense form. In Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, the
latest iteration of the shooter franchise, that visceral run-and-gun
experience still makes up the foundation of gameplay, but the
integration of deep teamplay tactics and mission objectives makes this
a whole new multiplayer animal. The meld of cooperative squadplay and
frenzied firefighting makes for compelling matches, but both deathmatch
and tactical purists may find themselves in slightly unfamiliar

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Daily News Brief: AMD Launches HD 3400 and HD 3600 Series

AMD releases sub-$100 videocards, GTA IV coming to consoles Aprile 29, a Microsoft XBox 360 insider interview you don't want to miss, and much more!

CES Report: Meet Mylo

Sony's new handheld device offers intriguing combo of communication services