CES Report: Meet Mylo

Sony's new handheld device offers intriguing combo of communication services


Bioshock Review

I’ve played thousands of games since I stomped my first Koopa in Super Mario Brothers—way back in 1986. Since then, I’ve played text games, 2D adventures, first-person shooters, simulations of every sort, strategy games, and role-playing games. I even played a “cyberpunk thriller” once. Of all the games I’ve played in the last 21 years, none has evoked such powerful emotions as BioShock.

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No BS Podcast #46: The Podcast of a Thousand Laughs

This week, the gang talks about their favorite PC games and announces
the winner of our Apple ad mashup contest. Check out the winning videos
at the bottom of the show notes. For your chance to win a SanDisk Sansa Connect
MP3 player, enter our final contest: Create outro music for the No BS
podcast. Make some new music to play at the end of our show!


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Medal of Honor: Airborne

Dear Mom and Dad,

I signed on with the 82nd Airborne because it promised that its new approach to fighting the war would be the best way to serve my country in this terrible crisis. It’s been a tough three years over here in Europe, but the Airborne has proved that it can take the good fight for freedom to new heights. Over the last six operations in my tour, I’ve really done my part to stop Jerry!

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Daily News Brief: Black Friday Deals!

Be prepared for Black Friday, read why video games don't lead to violence, see what Macrovision's been up to, and much more to feast on!