game theory


Game Theory: The Alliance of PC Gaming Buzzwords

PC Gaming Alliance is long on buzzwords, short on ideas.


Game Theory: The Sundance of Gaming

The Independent Games Festival is chock-full of inventive indie fare.

Game Theory: Return of the King

Unreal Tournament 3 brings some delicious new innovations to the multiplayer shooter genre.

Game Theory: Symphonies of Destruction

We're nearly drowning in top-notch fragfests!

Game Theory: Game/Art

In which we try to decide if Bioshock counts as Art. Pitchforks and torches provided for your convenience.

Game Theory: The Adventures of the Tentacled Cosmic Spawn

Lovecraft and Doyle's universes team up for an adventure game that reminds us why adventure games were great.

Game Theory: Hangin' out at the Quad Core

Tom McDonald tries out a top-of-the-line quad-core gaming laptop and discovers true happiness.

Game Theory: The Wii Effect

Will the Wii bring millions of fresh-faced newbs to gaming, or does its appeal lack crossover power?