Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

Gamers may argue over who was the first to do a 3D first-person shooter, but no one denies that Wolfenstein 3D was a historic experience. Made back in 1992 by a little company called Id Software, it set the tone of the FPS for years to come and can still be purchased today. But in the time since, the rest of the industry has caught up and passed it in nearly every way. To do an FPS now means competing against multi-billion dollar companies using hundreds of people working around the world. So, how does Wolfenstein 3D’s legacy survive into the modern era?


Age of Mythology: Extended Edition Review

Ah, revamps. Ah, Age of Empires. We can remember, with much fondness, the rise of Ensemble Studios’ great entry into the real-time strategy world of the 1990s. In an era otherwise dominated by the RTS heavyweights—Command and Conquer, Warcraft II, and eventually Starcraft—Age of Empires offered up a unique, resource-driven spin on the typical rush-or-turtle gameplay of its peers.


Company of Heroes 2 Review

When in doubt, park your zerglings—er, troops—behind concrete and let them watch you mortar the surrounding area into oblivion.‘Reveille’ for the multiplayer; ‘Taps’ for the solo campaign

To be honest, we really wanted to dislike Company of Heroes 2. As is tradition whenever we have a new strategy game, we immediately fired up the game’s skirmish mode and cracked open a delicious can of soda to accompany (what we assumed would be) a short march to victory.

Note: This review was originally featured in the October 2013 issue of the magazine.