Firefox 3


August 2008: PC Notebooks vs. the MacBook

July 08 Maximum PC pdf - click to download!In the PDF archive of the August 2008 issue, you can find:

  • PC vs. MacBook Notebook Battle!
  • Ultimate Guide to Firefox 3
  • Nvidia's Next-Gen GTX 280 GPU Unveiled!
  • How To: Create your own Internet TV Show!
  • Awesome Product Reviews, including MSI's new P35 Combo Platinum mobo!
  • Ask the Doctor
  • Rig of the Month
  • The Watchdog
  • And a whole lot more!

Click the big giant cover image to the right to download the PDF archive today!


Daily News Brief: Hacking Firefox 3!

Force unsupported FF3 extensions to download, see what questions surround Mac OS X 10.6, Comcast increases upload speeds, and much more!

Firefox 3 RC3 Now Available, But You Might Not Need It

Firefox 3's RC3 is now ready, but if you're not running MacOS, you might already have the latest Release Candidate. Confused? We'll explain it to you - now.