Daily News Brief: Could it be a Wii Disappointing Christmas?

Nintendo deals a Wii blow to holiday shoppers, hacker infiltrates eBay server, RAM prices drop, Acer plans to buy Packard Bell, and our condolences to Buffalo football fans!

Daily News Brief: 'There She Is, Miss Safe Browser'

Take a peek at the Miss America Internet Browser, Vista gets another update, $1.2 million file sharing trial heats up, Star Trek gets an asteroid, and more!

$100K Get Rich Quick iPhone Scheme Backfires

Buying a store's entire stock of iPhones and selling them on EBay may have seemed like a good idea, but as one woman learned, always read the rules…

General Lee To Be Resurrected!

Winning eBay bidder for Bo Duke's General Lee claims his account was hacked, screwing up what would have been a record-breaking $10M sale.