Zune Gets Bigger, Gets Smaller, Gets Social

Microsoft's Zune digital music players got slimmer and bigger at the same time this week, but that's not all that's new.

The End of DRM, But Not Control over Music?

Microsoft wins patent rights for inaudible digital watermark technology. What does this mean for so-called 'DRM-free' music - and you?

Singing the Blu-Ray Blues!

In the ongoing format war, Blu-Ray moves one step closer to victory over HD-DVD, but at what cost to the consumer?


No BS Podcast #22 - The Summertime Fun Edition

The Maximum PC staff goes to Showdown LAN and lives to tell the tale!

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The Fight Against DRM is Just Beginning

EMI is un-DRMing all its music (well, except the Beatles) and selling it online. That's great, but the fight's not done yet.


No BS Podcast #6

This week, we celebrate Jeremy's return (and the birth of his first son) with an all Maximum PC podcast.

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Apple Store iTunes DRM Protests

The truth about the Digital Rights Movement and media piracy.