No BS Podcast #15

This week we talk about the Digg riots, Dell selling Ubuntu, and the death of the UMPC (you remember, it's Orgami)


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An Easier Way to Remove Junk Software

Removing all the shovelware that ships on a major OEM's systems takes a lot of time and energy. With one easy-to-use piece of software, you can remove it all in one fell swoop.


Dell Inspiron E1705

If you’re limited to a notebook PC, you’ve no doubt been wrought with envy as your desktop buddies brag about their dual-core processors. Well, suffer no more! You aren’t stuck with single-core anymore!

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April 2004 - The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Guide!

In the PDF archive of the April 2004 issue, you can find:

  • 28 Ingenious Projects You Can Start and Finish Today
  • Use your PDA as a Universal Remote
  • Notebook Shootout
  • Six Hot New Digital Cameras
  • How To: Make Microsoft Word Work for You!
  • Ask the Doctor
  • Rig of the Month
  • The Watchdog
  • And a whole lot more!

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