It's A War Of Words Between Intel and AMD

As Intel details new Nehalem and Penryn CPUs, AMD shoots back with tri-core CPUs. We wonder if FASN8 will survive?

Numbers don’t lie (that much)

Does it even matter if the CPU is fast ? You bet your shiny metal ass

Intel details next-next generation CPU

Intel's new CPU, code-named Nehalem, may feature an integrated GPU and memory controller, plus 16 threads per core!

Thermaltake Symphony Mini

Can a CPU water cooling unit from Thermaltake keep your case cool and quiet?


OCZ Tempest

This month, memory-maker OCZ wades into the hotly contested CPU cooling arena with its blingy Tempest cooler. Though the Tempest has the signature OCZ flair, we were let down by its midrange performance and loud operation.

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Kingwin Big Air BA-12 for AMD

Kingwin’s BA-12 shares a similar design with the popular Thermalright XP-120. A copper base plate connects to an aluminum heatsink, which is aligned parallel to the motherboard. A 12cm fan blows air over the heatsink, cooling the fins and also all the components around the CPU socket.

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