iBuyPower Gamer's Fire

You can look at every PC as having its own personality—an essence comprising its strengths, quirks, and flaws. Take iBuyPower’s Gamer’s Fire PC, for example: It’s a crossbreed of Rodney Dangerfield and Steven Seagal. You might not respect its pot belly and ugly golf clothes, but it can snap a suite of benchmarks like a twig.

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Lian Li PC-777 Memorial Edition

The mollusk-modeled styles of Lian-Li PC's houses a not-so-squishy interior and a propensity to speed.

Kingwin SK-523BKW

The stately name wasn't just carelessly picked. The Kingwin is a true king among PC's and is a definite win in our books.

Voodoo Omen a:121 CrossFire

Bring out your inner witchdocter with the suprisingly sexy Voodoo Omen.

MGE Dragon

Despite a valliant attempt, the MGE Dragon falls into the "guy with tribal armband" category of coolness.

AeonCraft Lexa

Slapping the best components into a snazzy case only gets you so many points. They award points for style, too, you know.