August 2006 - Supercharge Your PC Graphics

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Eat Your Heart Out, John Adams

Beers and burgers on are so last year. Take a page from our favorite examples of Indepdence Day-themed case modding, and you could be the hit of the block party!

Heavy Metal Modding

Yes, you can remove that legacy floppy, but what do you do with the resulting hole? Mnpctech may have your unique solution.

The Problem with Crappy Cases

Big power supplies demand forethought from case manufacturers. What cases will accomodate 850W PSUs?


NZXT Adamas

Tough doesn't begin to describe this sturdy midtower case. Its classy chassis will protect your PC from harm, and look good doing it!

Cooler Master iTower 930

This confusing midtower is no joy to work in--and the only thing that makes us unhappier than its plastic-y exterior is its awkward cooling scheme.