Fast Forward: AMD's Odd Phenom

What's so weird about


No BS Podcast #47: The Podcast Holiday Spectacular!

This week, the gang reflects on the tech year that was and tries to
peer into the future to divine what we can all expect in 2008. We also
award a SanDisk Sansa Connect
MP3 player to the winner of our Make Outro Music for the Podcast
contest. Listen to our new outro music at the end of the show.


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Fast Forward: Is AMD Running out of Gas?

AMD needs to recover, for the sake of the industry's future.

Daily News Brief: Italian Bloggers Shushed

Italy looks to tax bloggers, perplexing iPhone sales numbers, AMD tri-core details emerge, a Seagate settlement, and several more companies make today's headlines!

Daily News Brief: UK Recruits Spies with Video Games!

The UK's Secret Service has to turned to video games to recruit spies, AMD post bleak Q3 revenue, Apples warms up to third party developers, Microsoft to relieve bloat, and more!

Daily News Brief: Cisco in Hot Water!

Cisco execs jailed for fraud, Intel posts record revenue, AMD readies integrated DX10 chipsets, and what do Americans Google more than sex?