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Guess who's to blame for your media streaming woes? (Hint: Microsoft)

Daily News Brief: AT&T to Offer Napster Downloads

AT&T will carry Napster's entire music library, XBox 360 may get an integrated Toshiba HD-DVD drive, Live Search gets mad game, free tech support, and more!

Daily News Brief: Tie the Knot with a Robot!

Researcher thinks love is programmable, LucasArts preps a Wii light saber, Hitachi sets sights on 4TB hard drives, XBox 360 Arcade spotted in stores, and more!



We were skeptical when Microsoft announced that Shadowrun would be the first game to support full cross-platform multiplay between PCs and Xbox 360s. Being staunch advocates of the keyboard and mouse in first-person shooters, we were worried that the developers at FASA would dumb down Shadowrun to even the playing field for our gamepad-wielding counterparts. Luckily, after several weeks of playing the game, we can report that it is not only fair and balanced for all players but also a truly innovative multiplayer experience that’s loads of fun.

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