This week, Dave, Will, Gordon, and Jeremy listen to Will's horrid attempts at wookie noises,
send off their favorite podcast producer with a sad series of goodbyes
and tears, and talk about the ramifications of Microsoft's potential
Yahoo acquisition. All this, and a report from the Lab, answers for a
ton of reader mail questions, a shout-out to our fourth and fifth
female listeners (hi!), and Gordon's extra-saucy rant of the week!


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Microsoft Zune 8GB

Microsoft, seeing the futility in polishing turds, went back to the drawing board to design the second rev of the Zune. (If only they’d do the same for Vista!) Fortunately for early adopters, many of the new features and desktop software will be made available for the first-gen Zune via a firmware update.

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Microsoft's Strangest Hits (and Misses)

As Bill Gates rides off into the sunset, Maximum PC's Windows blogger remembers some of Microsoft's strangest products.

CES: Billy G, Fancy Monitors, External Drives

A big day of CES: Bill plays with a table, Alienware makes a crazy monitor, and hard drives fall into paint cans!

Daily News Brief: Biometric Scanning is Here!

Shell lets Chicago motorists pay for gas with their fingerprints, a sub-$100 HD-DVD player, Google gets financially bloated, and much more!