It's A War Of Words Between Intel and AMD

As Intel details new Nehalem and Penryn CPUs, AMD shoots back with tri-core CPUs. We wonder if FASN8 will survive?

Daily News Brief: TGIF Edition!

Voodoo attempts Crossfire on an SLI chipset, Intel getting into the $100 notebook game, Microsoft targets VMware, and more to wrap up this week's tech news.

Fast Forward: Penryn helps Intel's comeback

Intel's Penryn promises easier programming, deeper power save, and dynamic processor workload sharing. Sounds shiny!

Intel gets serious about mobile Linux

The chip maker's Moblin project aims to unite the Linux community on portable Internet devices.


No BS Podcast #22 - The Summertime Fun Edition

The Maximum PC staff goes to Showdown LAN and lives to tell the tale!


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No BS Podcast #20 - The Beer & Burritos Edition

The Maximum PC Staff gets hopped up on giant burritos and cheap beers and bring you the latest tech news.


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Fast Forward: Intel's Transistor 'Breakthrough'

Intel 'reveals; the first metal-gate transistors with high-k gate dielectrics. Just like they did three years ago. High-k what now?

Numbers don’t lie (that much)

Does it even matter if the CPU is fast ? You bet your shiny metal ass