Daily News Brief: Used Games Debate

GameStop posts records holiday sales to the dismay of some, see what made Intel shares slide, a new Excel exploit, an interview with the RIAA, and more!

Daily News Brief: Blu-ray Blazes On

HBO joins the Blu-ray exclusive party, New York launches Intel antitrust probe, OLPC dual-boot rumors squashed, and more!

Daily News Brief: MC Hammer to YouTube - U Can't Touch This!

MC Hammer to debut dance video site, researchers claim breakthrough in superconductor research, Japanese Prime Minister sends message through YouTube, and much more!


No BS Podcast #47: The Podcast Holiday Spectacular!

This week, the gang reflects on the tech year that was and tries to
peer into the future to divine what we can all expect in 2008. We also
award a SanDisk Sansa Connect
MP3 player to the winner of our Make Outro Music for the Podcast
contest. Listen to our new outro music at the end of the show.


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Fast Forward: Intel Thinks Different

Intel's QuickPath, which will debut with Nehelem, will enable cores to communicate much more efficiently.


No BS Podcast #42: The Podcast of a Thousand Dances

Join the Maximum PC editors for a rousing review of the week's tech news and top-notch how-to advice.


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Daily News Brief: Intel Gets FAB-ulous

Intel opens new plant for 45nm processors, Toshiba squelches HD-DVD rumor, Microsoft gets in your Face(book), find out who's getting sued this week, and much more!