What's happened to the powered speaker market?

A good multimedia speaker rig will deliver much better performance than any mere iPod dock, but where have they all gone?


Creative Zen Aurvana

Creative has pulled together a very nice audio package here. The Aurvana’s are a terrific-sounding set of headphones that deliver crisp, well-defined audio across the sonic spectrum.

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Creative Zen V Plus 1GB

We've seen Lilliputian MP3 players before, but Creative has taken the concept a step further with the Zen V Plus: This change-purse-size device boasts a vivid 1.5-inch OLED screen for viewing photos and videos.

Creative GigaWorks ProGamer G550W

Cordless rear speakers reduce tripping accidents, but can Creative keep the quality sans cord?

Creative I-Trigue L3800 Speakers

Not all satellites are heavenly bodies. Unfortunately Creative's I-Trigue fails to take orbit.