No BS Podcast #48: The Nothing but Rants Edition

That's right! We've compiled the most bilious, noxious rants
fan-favorite Gordon Mah Ung has ever produced into one great show.
Listen on as Gordo tells you why pandas shouldn't exist, why Steve Jobs
is the devil, and why you should never, ever, ever use the Maximum PC restrooms.


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Apple iPhone

Hey did you hear? Apple came out with a mobile phone. Of course you heard—the only way you could’ve avoided the iPhone hype machine was to move to Antarctica, shut yourself in an igloo, and avoid all contact with other humans. But in case you’ve just crept out of your ice house, the iPhone is Apple’s new gadget that combines a mobile phone, iPod, and Internet access into one handy bundle that fits in your pocket.

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Daily News Brief: UK Recruits Spies with Video Games!

The UK's Secret Service has to turned to video games to recruit spies, AMD post bleak Q3 revenue, Apples warms up to third party developers, Microsoft to relieve bloat, and more!

Daily News Brief: Cisco in Hot Water!

Cisco execs jailed for fraud, Intel posts record revenue, AMD readies integrated DX10 chipsets, and what do Americans Google more than sex?

Lawsuits Target iPhone Bricking

Consumer backlash goes litigious as two class actions are filed against Apple for disabling unlocked iPhones.

Daily News Brief: For Freshest Headlines, Consume Today!

Justice Department takes a stance on Net Neutrality, pre-pricecut iPhone adopters receive $100 store credit, HP jumps into the gaming fray, and even a headline about space travel!

The iPhone Still Doesn't Excite Me

The first couple of iPhone reviews just hit the web, and Will Smith wonders what flavor Kool Aid the reviewers are drinking