3D glasses

Gunnar Optiks Rocket Amber Review

The Rockets you see here may not be sunglasses, but their amber lenses do protect your eyes—from the harsh lighting of computer displays and office lights.

Wiley X XL-1 Advanced Review


Wiley X is all about eye protection. All of the company’s sunglasses exceed the ANSI Z87-1 standard for high-velocity impacts, and many models—including the XL-1 Advanced—exceed the military’s much more stringent standard for ballistic impacts. The XL-1s might look unremarkable, but besides offering protection against flying shrapnel, they come with an elastic strap and removable “ultra foam gasket” that effectively turn the sunglasses into motorcycle goggles.

Oakley Split Jacket Review

Before testing the Split Jackets, I was using Oakley’s Half Jackets during sports car track events, alternating between clear and dark lenses as the weather required. Offering solid impact protection against spraying gravel, the Half Jackets served me well. And then I bungled a lens swap, popping a precious piece of Black Iridium plastic into the engine bay of my car.