T2W Spells Bad News for Your PC's Security


The Register.co.uk website ('Biting the hand that feeds IT') isn't just an industry gadfly: concealed beneath its British-accented snark is a lot of useful news – including this report about a new malware-creation tool that's point-and-click easy.

Meet Trojan2 Worm, aka Constructor/Wormer

Initially reported to Panda Software, the Trojan2Worm (T2W) toolkit (also known as Constructor/Wormer) features a simple checkbox-driven interface with options to control compression, startup, date range for activity, operating system functions to disable, messages to display, custom icons, and startup methods including load, shell, or scripting. Just add malware, shake, and pour: instant worm! Panda Software suspects T2W comes from a Spanish malware writer, since it supports Spanish, English, and Catalan languages only.

What's Behind the Development of T2W?

InformationWeek security blogger George Hulme suggests that the real reason for the release of this tool is to overwhelm already stretched-thin security firms. Hulme writes, quoting Panda Software's Ryan Sherstobitoff:

They want to continue to increase the amount of malcode so that AV firms get saturated, and so that organizations get distracted with the worms and malware created by script kiddies using tools like this.

It's just one more reason to make sure your systems are ready for anything, and, as our own Will Smith says, think before you click!

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