T-Mobile's Unlimited 4G Data Plan is the Real Deal

Paul Lilly

T-Mobile is rolling out an unlimited nationwide 4G data plan in the U.S. that is truly unlimited, a point worth emphasizing in this day and age of misleading marketing tactics. The wireless carrier that was almost gobbled up by AT&T promises no data caps, no speed limits, and no bill shock -- just "fast, dependable nationwide 4G coverage" for data hungry customers and anyone who would rather not monitor their usage.

"We’re big believers in customer-driven innovation, and our Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan is the answer to customers who are frustrated by the cost, complexity and congested networks of our competitors," said Kevin McLaughlin , vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA. "Consumers want the freedom of unlimited 4G data. Our bold move to be the only wireless carrier to offer an Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan reinforces our value leadership and capitalizes on the strength of our nationwide 4G network."

T-Mobile's all-you-can consume data buffet will cost $20 per month when added to a Value voice and text plan, or $30 per month when added to a Classic voice and text plan, the latter of which allows customers to purchase a subsidized smartphone. These new plans will roll out on September 5, giving wireless subscribers a compelling alternative to the shared data plans T-Mobile's rivals have fallen in love with in recent times.

Of course there's always a caveat, and in this case, it's that T-Mobile's 4G network is of the HSPA+ variety, not Long Term Evolution (LTE). However, T-Mobile is in the process of building out its 4G LTE network, which should be available next year.

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