T-Mobile US to Get Old Model iPhone?

Ryan Whitwam

Wired editor Chris Anderson issued a strange bit of information via a tweet last night. Apparently, he was told by a T-Mobile manager in no uncertain terms that the nation's number four carrier would be getting the Apple iPhone 3GS later this year . The new iPhone 4 is apparently left out of the deal. This is still strictly rumor material, but it seems to jive with previous rumors.

There have been rumors that the iPhone could come to T-Mobile. The transition to T-Mobile would be simpler for Apple than moving to Verizon. T-Mobile also uses the GSM standard like AT&T does. The iPhone would just need GSM chips capable of operating on T-Mobile's 3G frequency. Verizon uses CDMA, and would require a much larger redesign of the phone's internals.

User's have been clamoring to get access to the iPhone on another carrier. Verizon is often cited as the best option considering their expansive network. T-Mobile has a much smaller, but faster, HSPA+ data network. Would you be interested in the iPhone if it were on T-Mobile?

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