T-Mobile to Throttle Unlimited Data Subscribers in Certain Circumstances

Paul Lilly

Wireless carrier to crack down on P2P file sharing

T-Mobile said it knows which subscribers are "heavy data users" and engaging in disallowed activities such as peer-to-peer file sharing and tethering outside of the wireless carrier's terms and conditions. Beginning August 17, T-Mobile will throttle 4G LTE data connections to unlimited subscribers who use the service in ways the company doesn't allow . That includes using the service for continuous webcam posts.

"Using the Service in connection with server devices or host computer applications, including continuous web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections or peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications that are broadcast to multiple servers or recipients, 'bots' or similar routines that could disrupt net user groups or email use by others or other applications that denigrate network capacity or functionality," T-Mobile told employees, according to tmonews.com .

Subscribers not signed up to an unlimited plan don't need to worry themselves -- they'll hit their cap before it becomes an issue, so T-Mobile is willing to turn a blind eye. Throttling only applies to those signed up to the old $70 unlimited or newer $80 Simple Choice plans.

This doesn't appear to be a widespread issue. According to Recode , T-Mobile is reaching out to less than two dozen customers about running afoul of the rules.

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