T-Mobile Offering Cheap Prepaid Service Through Walmart

Ryan Whitwam

As the big four US carriers continue to raise prices and cap data, an increasingly competitive pre-paid market is being created. Pre-paid services like Boost and Virgin Mobile are starting to pull some more budget-minded consumers away, but T-Mobile is looking to staunch the bleeding with its new month-to-month 4G plan sold through Walmart.

The headlining pitch here is a $30 plan that comes with unlimited text and data (5GB before throttling), as well as 100 minutes of voice. In this day and age, who really needs more than a few minutes anyway? Users should be warned, though. It’s a whopping $0.10 per minute after the 100 minute limit is reached.

T-Mobile hasn’t worked out which phones will be sold with the service, but we anticipate it will mostly be mid-range devices sold at full price. Pre-paid service lacks roaming and call-forwarding, but the price is right. Would yo consider switching to this kind of account?

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