T-Mobile myTouch HD to Come with Dual Core CPU?

Ryan Whitwam

A leaked T-Mobile USA document hints that the nation's smallest carrier may be about to launch a really big phone. The myTouch HD is highlighted in surprising detail, giving us a look at the impressive specs. The Android 2.2 phone will be running on T-Mobile's super-fast HSPA+ network. There will be a 5MP rear-facing camera, and a VGA front-facing cam. The screen will be 3.8-inches, but we do not know about the resolution or technology used. The real point of interest here is that the document claims the myTouch HD will pack a "1 GHz Dual Processor". We can only assume this means a dual core chip.

All phones to this point have has single core CPUs, but it is known that ARM has reference designs that could be used to construct dual core packages. Battery life may suffer, but power saving designs in the next gen chips could help matters somewhat. T-Mobile is also touting screen sharing technology that will get your smartphone content to a TV screen. This might just mean an HDMI port, but we'd astill take it.

No pricing or availability details are known, but we'll keep an eye out. Do you think a dual core CPU will be of use in a phone? Let us know in the comments.

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