T-Mobile G2 Up for Pre-order Friday, Launching October 6th

Ryan Whitwam

The spiritual successor to the original T-Mobile G1, the aptly named G2 will be available for pre-order tomorrow (Friday). Pricing has not been announced yet, but we're almost certainly looking at $200 for a two year contract. The G2 will be a QWERTY slider phone running stock Android 2.2 and will support T-Mobile's speedy HSPA+ network.

The handset is expected to run on a new generation of Qualcomm's Snapdragon CPU that's clocked slightly lower at 800MHz, but is capable of more operations per clock cycle. This phone is likely identical to the recently announced HTC Desire Z, though it will not have the Sense UI layer on top of Android. Anyone planning to pre-order it? What phone will you be moving from?

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