T-Mobile Chief Challenges Wireless Competitors to End Overage Fees

Paul Lilly

Self-proclaimed "Un-carrier" pats self on the back, dares other carriers to stop charging overages

T-Mobile , the fourth largest wireless carrier in the U.S., is hoping that an impassioned blog post by its Chief Executive Officer will convince other wireless carriers to put an end to the tyranny of overage charges . Company CEO John Legere said that any big change that's ever led to lasting good started with a single person standing up to point out a wrong, and that he's more than willing to be that person.

"Today, we’re capping off several days of major announcements by launching a broad social campaign to abolish domestic overage penalties and begin a national conversation," Legere stated in a blog post . "The Un-carrier is eliminating one of the most widely despised wireless industry practices for all of our T-Mobile customers on consumer plans. And I’m also laying down a challenge to my counterparts at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, to do the same."

T-Mobile's made a series of announcements during the past few days. It started with the announcement of its Simple Starter plan (a value plan for budget shoppers) followed by the launch of its Operation Tablet Freedom, which allows customers to add a tablet to a postpaid voice plan for free.

"But today is different. Today, we’re taking the change to a whole new level. We’re capping off these past few days by ending overages for all customers on T-Mobile consumer plans," Legere added.

Rather than charge an overage fee for going over your data allotment, T-Mobile will throttle down data connectivity to 2G speeds. To encourage other wireless carriers to do the same, Legere posted a petition on Change.org .

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