System Wide Ribbons to Grace Windows 8

Paul Lilly

Love 'em or hate 'em, ribbons will play a big role in Windows 8, even more so than in Windows 7. Word on the Web is that Microsoft is extending the ribbons interface beyond just core applications, like Paint and Word, and will deck out Windows 8's entire interface with ribbons, completely replacing menu-driven toolbars in the process. Is this a good thing?

According to , the Redmond software giant feels a ribbon interface will make Windows 8 more tablet-ready than Windows 7. It's an interesting move from Microsoft, not just because ribbons will play a critical role in the next version of Windows, but also that Microsoft is opting to use the same OS for both mobile and non-mobile form factors.

If you're not a fan of ribbons, before you go lighting torches and picking up pitchforks, or even worse, defecting to iOS, you might not be forced to use ribbons. ZDNet says that beta users of Microsoft's upcoming OS have been able to turn off the ribbon UI and revert back to the traditional interface, though it's unclear if this option will survive all the way to the final build.

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