Synology's New DS212j NAS Box Targets Home Users

Brad Chacos

A lot of the comments left on our recent NAS box showdown revolved around the fact that 1) it isn’t too difficult to build a NAS server of your own and 2) all of the options were kind of expensive for home use. A newly released NAS server looks to provide an answer to the second issue. The $220 Synology DS212j (brethren to the well performing DS411+II covered in the showdown) was designed with home use in mind, as evidenced by its low price point and user-friendly features that help turn the server into a cloud storage device.

The DLNA-compatible DS212j only features two drive bays, which may not satisfy the more data-hungry Maximum PC readers out there, but should prove fine for many users -- especially if you stuff a pair of 3TB HDDs in there. Synology redesigned the enclosure to increase its visual appeal and, by adding vent openings and a 92mm rear fan, to keep the system cool and relatively quiet at 18.3 dBA. It’s also more energy efficient than other Synology offerings. It runs on a 1.2 GHz processor, 256MB RAM and the same DiskStation Manager 3.2 software that you'll find on other Synology NAS boxes.

In addition, a handful of Synology apps allow you to view data or stream music and videos stored on the DS212j to your iOS or Android device no matter where you’re at, assuming that both the NAS box and your phone both have a working Internet connection. It's nothing new, but it's still cool. Who needs third-party cloud music services when you have a solution in your home office?

“Thanks to DS212j’s ability to add terabytes for our mobile needs, all our tablets and smartphones storage limitations are now gone,” Darren Lin, Synology’s product manager, boasts in the company’s press release.

Sound intriguing? Check out t he full list of specs and features for yourself at Synology’s website .

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