Sync Office Documents to Google Docs with Cloud Connect

Pulkit Chandna

Google acquired a small company named DocVerse back in March. Its flagship product was a MS Office plugin that let users sync their offline documents to the cloud. The service has since been moved to Google’s infrastructure and renamed Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. Yesterday, Google took a big step towards the return of the service by opening it to early testers. The prospect of syncing Office documents to the Google cloud created such a buzz that the internet giant was inundated with thousands of applications for the early testing program within a few hours, eventually forcing it to put a lid on the program.

“Users of Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 can sync their Office documents to the Google cloud, without ever leaving Office. Once synced, documents are backed-up, given a unique URL, and can be accessed from anywhere (including mobile devices) at any time through Google Docs. And because the files are stored in the cloud, people always have access to the current version,” wrote Shan Sinha, a group product manager at Google, in a blog post.

“Once in the Google cloud, documents can be easily shared and even simultaneously edited by multiple people, from right within Office. A full revision history is kept as the files are edited, and users can revert to earlier versions in one click. These are all features that Google Docs users already enjoy today, and now we’re bringing them to Microsoft Office.”

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