Symantec: Cybercriminals Shift Behavior to Mega Breaches in Hopes of Bigger Payouts



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I thought it was interesting to see cyber-criminals scaling up and getting production efficiencies out of (presumably) more complex attacks against a fewer number of larger targets. I would have liked more actual information about how the attacks have been conducted, how security was breached.
Will I buy Norton now? 'Course not.


John Pombrio

Paul, a quick peruse through my usual sites: Wired, Ars, Toms, Verge, and several more and none of them has published anything about this Norton/ Sym report. Are you getting this directly from Sym? You are so lucky to have this exclusive post!

BTW, I am extremely not interested in these internet virus/malware scare reports that you post way too often. They teach me nothing, tell me nothing, have zero entertainment value, and I view as straight up ads from the companies they come from. About they only thing they do is to get me to post these responses to how much I hate them.


Bullwinkle J Moose

a quick peruse through the hundreds of articles found when you Google: "Symantec Mega Breach" indicates this is not a Max PC exclusive

Articles began appearing ~3 days ago

However, most of the earliest reports are at business related websites and appear to be scare tactic advertisements from Norton/Symantec as you indicated

Now Google: "top megabreaches stopped by symantec"


If you ever find one, post a link!