Symantec: MS Access ActiveX Threat Dons More Sinister Proportions


Last week, Microsoft had warned that hackers were exploiting a flaw in the Snapshot Viewer ActiveX control which comes bundled with Microsoft Access. Now Symantec has uncovered an update to the malicious Neosploit Toolkit that will allow even fledgling hackers to exploit the abovementioned loophole in MS Access making attacks more rampant.

Attackers are exploiting the threat using specially designed websites that hideously download malicious code. Since the ActiveX control bears Microsoft's digital signature, those users who have rated MS to be a trustworthy software publisher in their IE settings might very quietly have their systems compromised

Microsoft hasn’t come up with a fix for this bug yet. Though Microsoft says that attacks are targeted and not widespread, you are advised to breeze through the terse list of suggested actions posted by Microsoft and mitigate the risk.

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